The Memory Lane

The Silent Power

the silent powe

“Throughout my life, I have seen two types of people. There are those who act in open view. Their efforts are always visible to everyone. They work hard & loud so that no one misses them or their work. When their efforts bear fruit and their plans succeed, they dont hesitate in accepting the applause from the people for their achievements. They proudly walk on the stage of recognition and acknowledge the praise which is poured on them. well, no one can say they dont deserve it because they have worked hard for it.

There, however, exists another kind. Continue reading “The Silent Power”

The Memory Lane

Rain Memories


Its strange how we miss the things we used to take lightly when we had them. For instance, rain. I remember when I was a kid, I didnt much like it when it rained. The reasons were many. If I was on a holiday, it used to be my responsibility to bring groceries for home -which naturally meant- that I had to go out. Navigating through the mud-pools was no less than navigating through a minefield grin emoticon , Its not easy to carry an umbrella in one hand and the weight of groceries in another, specially when a sudden rain forced you to open your umbrella in haste. I used to envy those who were sitting in their cozy homes; not bothering about mud-pools and dirt while I used to contemplate how to cross the road and hold the umbrella steady lest the wind blew it out of my hands. Continue reading “Rain Memories”

The Memory Lane

The Fridays as I Remember….


Fridays have always been special for me. Every Friday I have spent in my town will be one of the most memorable moments of my life.

Fridays always dawned warm and sunny with the sun gleaming through the branches of the Mango tree whose leaves kissed my room’s window.

The drawing of fresh water from the well, and heating it with wood-fire had become an enjoyable ritual for me. Once you master it, it is highly satisfying to have a roaring fire with the flame of just a single matchstick, some old newspapers and dry leaves. The water, heated by twigs and leaves gave a feeling of royalty when I poured it on myself, A feeling, which even the best electrical heaters have failed to provide. Such was the feeling that it was like Continue reading “The Fridays as I Remember….”