The Night before Eid – Part 1 (at the Masjid)

The Qazis confirming the sighting of the moon

The Masjid was jam packed with people and everyone was murmuring in anticipation. The 29th fast of Ramzan had ended and the Imam had temporarily halted the Taraweeh prayers as everyone waited in anticipation. There were rumours that the moon was sighted.

The atmosphere in the Masjid was of a relaxed anticipation. People sat leaning against the walls, talking in groups. Some were engrossed in reading the Quran while others sat silently, facing the Qiblah. I was also sitting with my friends, having zoned myself out of the conversation, trying not to let sadness engulf me as the Ramzan had all but ended. I turned around to observe what everyone was doing. The respected Imam and our mentor, Moulana Afzal Nadwi, was standing at the entrance of the Masjid. His hands folded and eyes fixated on the sky outside, lost in some deep thought. I felt that I was not alone in mourning the end of Ramzan and the great spiritual opportunities it brought.

As I was deep in thought,

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01 – Professor Albus Dumbledore was so right…

azdamudi hogwarts diaries 01

Now that I contemplate, I couldn’t but feel foolish for doubting professor Dumbledore’s wisdom.


It was many years ago. I was leaning quietly on the wall near Harry’s bed while Professor Dumbledore talked to him. Hours ago, Harry had thwarted Voldemort and was now recovering in the hospital wing. Professor Dumbledore was telling his usual wisdom filled stuff and I was eyeing all those sweets Harry had got. The action was over and I was longing for a nice Paneer filled sandwich. However, Professor Dumbledore told Harry something which made me a little uncomfortable. Continue reading

The Best Apology

the best apology

As soon as the clock struck 6 in the evening, he snapped his laptop shut and hurriedly jotted down the signing-out details at the security desk of his office “jaldi me ho saab?” the guard asked, he gave him a swift smile and nodded, pressing the lift’s button several times in his hurry. The lift came and he clambered inside.

As he had expected, the traffic was heavy at this time of the evening. This further escalated his sense of urgency.. Which had started from a feeling of guilt during the lunch break at his office. He had yelled at his wife that very morning.. It was the first time he had lost his temper since the last 6 months of their marriage… She had called him on his phone several times during the lunch break.. When he hadn’t received any call of her’s, she had left messages asking whether he had had lunch?… Even then he didn’t thought of calling her back.

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The Difference

the difference

“I have always noticed this major difference between wise and clever people. Clever people always reply to their critics whenever they have a good point, They don’t stop themselves from retorting back when their retort has weight; The wise people, on the contrary, don’t reply to their critics all the time, even though they have brilliant counter-points, many a times they prefer silence. 

It clearly shows that its just not about having the best thing to say, but also knowing when to say it.”

The Memory Lane – From The Diaries of AZ Damudi

The Silent Power

the silent powe

“Throughout my life, I have seen two types of people. There are those who act in open view. Their efforts are always visible to everyone. They work hard & loud so that no one misses them or their work. When their efforts bear fruit and their plans succeed, they dont hesitate in accepting the applause from the people for their achievements. They proudly walk on the stage of recognition and acknowledge the praise which is poured on them. well, no one can say they dont deserve it because they have worked hard for it.

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Rain Memories


Its strange how we miss the things we used to take lightly when we had them. For instance, rain. I remember when I was a kid, I didnt much like it when it rained. The reasons were many. If I was on a holiday, it used to be my responsibility to bring groceries for home -which naturally meant- that I had to go out. Navigating through the mud-pools was no less than navigating through a minefield grin emoticon , Its not easy to carry an umbrella in one hand and the weight of groceries in another, specially when a sudden rain forced you to open your umbrella in haste. I used to envy those who were sitting in their cozy homes; not bothering about mud-pools and dirt while I used to contemplate how to cross the road and hold the umbrella steady lest the wind blew it out of my hands. Continue reading