The city is killing me


The city is killing me.

With its broken, damaged roads

With its dark, polluted air

Jam packed with snarling vehicles

Whose screams you can hear everywhere.

But these are superficial things.

What really makes me die inside

Is the changing tides of the world.

A world devoid of people

With no flowers to smell

And no stories to tell.

Robots instead of people

Inhabiting its every nook.

Poison frothing inside

Its every little brook.

Surreal as it may sound

They are all dead inside

Whom I am going to join

Because the city is killing me.


Written as a participatory post for The Daily Prompt Surreal


Tamed Fantasies (tiny tale)


The world was beautiful.

The road was clean.

The air was fresh.

He stumbled, fell and tasted dirty water.

The world was grey.

The road was damaged.

The air was polluted.

A pothole had brought him out of his tamed fantasies.

(Written as a participatory post for The Daily Prompt Tame)

Superficial Toys



The world we live in is such that we happily discuss reality shows, but get bored if the discussion turns towards the ‘real’ reality: the social, political and economic problems we are facing today.

Our world is the new Rome where people are busy enjoying bread and circuses.

If the condition of our race is getting worse every day,

If we are unable to fight diseases and poverty,

Despite the advances in medicine and technology,

Then all these machines and computers,

Are just superficial toys,

Who are playing with us, and not we with them.

-AZ Damudi

(This is a participatory post for the WordPress Daily Post’s prompt ‘Superficial’.)



“The Shattered Plate” – A short story by AZ Damudi (free e-book)

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Thank you JK Rowling! For inspiring me as a reader and a writer


I had just finished my quarterly exams and was on a vacation trip at my sister’s place in a remote town near Mysore. One morning, as I descended to the living room, I saw my cousins glued to the TV watching something. Munching a piece of buttered toast, I asked them what were they watching. “Harry Potter” they replied in unison. I joined them and within minutes Continue reading