01 – Professor Albus Dumbledore was so right…

azdamudi hogwarts diaries 01

Now that I contemplate, I couldn’t but feel foolish for doubting professor Dumbledore’s wisdom.


It was many years ago. I was leaning quietly on the wall near Harry’s bed while Professor Dumbledore talked to him. Hours ago, Harry had thwarted Voldemort and was now recovering in the hospital wing. Professor Dumbledore was telling his usual wisdom filled stuff and I was eyeing all those sweets Harry had got. The action was over and I was longing for a nice Paneer filled sandwich. However, Professor Dumbledore told Harry something which made me a little uncomfortable.  It was important, Dumbledore said, to fight, and fight again, and keep fighting, for only then could evil be kept at bay, though never quite eradicated.

Then, I was too young to understand the depth of his wise words. For one, It had annoyed me when he said that evil can only be kept at bay and can never be eradicated. I wanted evil to be eradicated so that there can be peace in the world. However, as years passed and my perception of the world became bigger, I realised that evil cannot be completely eradicated. That was one of the hardest and most saddening facts I had ever accepted.

The other part of his words, where he told Harry that we must keep on fighting the evil had filled me with a sense of foreboding. What was professor Dumbledore saying? That there would be no rest for us? No time to enjoy life? Was he expecting us to live our whole lives looking over our shoulders? Expecting Death Eaters to arrive with their terrifying masks while we enjoyed a day out with our families? It was absurd. Why would he say something like that.

Even when Voldemort rose again and started the war, I was convinced that once we finish him off, we will finally have peace. And it finally happened. I saw it when Harry finally circled the monster right there at the end of the Battle of Hogwarts and engaged in the short but legendary duel. When Voldemort was defeated, I could not think of any other way the world peace would be threatened. This was when I was proved wrong.

With Voldemort gone, I stepped outside the wizarding world and forayed into the world of those innocent muggles. I wanted to take a holiday, a few months –or maybe years- away from magic. But to my horror, I was sucked into yet another war. A muggle war. This war was not being fought with magic, and yet the devastation it was causing was horrifying. Whole cities reduced to rubble, children maimed for life and crying over the dead bodies of their parents.

Professor Dumbledore was right. Evil cannot be fully eradicated.

My holiday has turned into a nightmare.

(to be continued)

-AZ Damudi


(I am neither a wizard nor a muggle. Yes, I was there at Hogwarts with Harry all those years. But I was not a student. I was less than a human, more than a ghost. Yeah, similar to those beings from the Resurrection Stone, but I am not dead (yet).

‘Hogwarts Diaries’ is my personal account of:

  1. What I saw and observed during my days at Hogwarts till the war and
  2. What I am currently seeing in the muggle world.

Apart from trying to make sense of what’s happening, I am also trying to solve the problems the people are facing. No, I am not alone. You are with me, aren’t you?




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