The Silent Power

the silent powe

“Throughout my life, I have seen two types of people. There are those who act in open view. Their efforts are always visible to everyone. They work hard & loud so that no one misses them or their work. When their efforts bear fruit and their plans succeed, they dont hesitate in accepting the applause from the people for their achievements. They proudly walk on the stage of recognition and acknowledge the praise which is poured on them. well, no one can say they dont deserve it because they have worked hard for it.

There, however, exists another kind. They are those who always operate in shadows. They dont come out in public. For the masses, they are ordinary people. Their demeanor betrays nothing about their genius. Their humility cloaks the immense power and strong will they possess. They plan each and every detail of their work. They carefully manage their resources and move slowly but steadily. When their work succeeds and their plans bear fruit, they never appear on the stage nor do they receive any recognition which they deserved.

Many a times, I was near such people at moments when they saw their work succeed. I searched their faces for any kind of displeasure for the lack of recognition but I was surprised by what I saw.

No one clapped for them. Their names were not called out on microphones nor any chair was offered to them. And yet, etched on their faces were genuine smiles of satisfaction. A satisfaction which I swear I have never seen anywhere before. their eyes brimmed with confidence, their hands folded majestically on their chests. Calmly observing the triumph with those powerful smiles still etched on their faces.

It didnt take me long to determine which type possesses more power and control on themselves.”

AZ Damudi


4 thoughts on “The Silent Power

  1. Highly appreciating your efforts ,
    the way you have designed your words to educat the people about two diffrent sources ,

    I know its more difficult to recall your memory and to write something good for the people ,

    indeed more articals from you ,


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