Rain Memories


Its strange how we miss the things we used to take lightly when we had them. For instance, rain. I remember when I was a kid, I didnt much like it when it rained. The reasons were many. If I was on a holiday, it used to be my responsibility to bring groceries for home -which naturally meant- that I had to go out. Navigating through the mud-pools was no less than navigating through a minefield grin emoticon , Its not easy to carry an umbrella in one hand and the weight of groceries in another, specially when a sudden rain forced you to open your umbrella in haste. I used to envy those who were sitting in their cozy homes; not bothering about mud-pools and dirt while I used to contemplate how to cross the road and hold the umbrella steady lest the wind blew it out of my hands.

Now, as I am leading a bit different life, I look back and miss those days.

I miss the navigation of mud-pools -even if it was somewhat irritating- but was also satisfying.

I miss how I used to hold my umbrella as a shield, to avoid any mud from splashing on my clothes whenever a vehicle zoomed past.

I miss how the shopkeepers used to know me. Hearing their chit chat about various things.. Smiling when they praised me for fast calculation of all the items I had bought (sorry for the lack of modesty grin emoticon ) it was nice to get in touch with common men and hear their common talk…
Something I miss in this highly efficient but heartless corporate world.

extract: “The Memory Lane – From the Diaries of AZ Damudi.”


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