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Tamed Fantasies (tiny tale)


The world was beautiful.

The road was clean.

The air was fresh.

He stumbled, fell and tasted dirty water.

The world was grey.

The road was damaged.

The air was polluted.

A pothole had brought him out of his tamed fantasies.

(Written as a participatory post for The Daily Prompt Tame)

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Superficial Toys



The world we live in is such that we happily discuss reality shows, but get bored if the discussion turns towards the ‘real’ reality: the social, political and economic problems we are facing today.

Our world is the new Rome where people are busy enjoying bread and circuses.

If the condition of our race is getting worse every day,

If we are unable to fight diseases and poverty,

Despite the advances in medicine and technology,

Then all these machines and computers,

Are just superficial toys,

Who are playing with us, and not we with them.

-AZ Damudi

(This is a participatory post for the WordPress Daily Post’s prompt ‘Superficial’.)


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“The Shattered Plate” – A short story by AZ Damudi (ebook in PDF format)


Dear friends,

Quite some time ago, I had written a short story which I have converted into an ebook in the PDF format.

Open this post to get the download link Continue reading ““The Shattered Plate” – A short story by AZ Damudi (ebook in PDF format)”

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Thank you JK Rowling! For inspiring me as a reader and a writer


I had just finished my quarterly exams and was on a vacation trip at my sister’s place in a remote town near Mysore. One morning, as I descended to the living room, I saw my cousins glued to the TV watching something. Munching a piece of buttered toast, I asked them what were they watching. “Harry Potter” they replied in unison. I joined them and within minutes Continue reading “Thank you JK Rowling! For inspiring me as a reader and a writer”

The Memory Lane

The Night before Eid – Part 2 (the battle of buying groceries)

                       Shopping is a very tiring and boring experience…unless you are buying books.


(This is the second part of a series. Please read the first part if you have missed it.)

As I exited the Masjid, I was already making a mental note of what different chores I had to finish before I can go off for a brief walk in the Ramzan Bazaar. I hastened my walk because my first stop was the local grocery market. I had to go there, choose the shop which had the smallest crowd of shoppers and then buy everything that was required for the big day: the Eid. I had no more than an hour to do this before the Continue reading “The Night before Eid – Part 2 (the battle of buying groceries)”

The Memory Lane

The Night before Eid – Part 1 (at the Masjid)

The Qazis confirming the sighting of the moon

The Masjid was jam packed with people and everyone was murmuring in anticipation. The 29th fast of Ramzan had ended and the Imam had temporarily halted the Taraweeh prayers as everyone waited in anticipation. There were rumours that the moon was sighted.

The atmosphere in the Masjid was of a relaxed anticipation. People sat leaning against the walls, talking in groups. Some were engrossed in reading the Quran while others sat silently, facing the Qiblah. I was also sitting with my friends, having zoned myself out of the conversation, trying not to let sadness engulf me as the Ramzan had all but ended. I turned around to observe what everyone was doing. The respected Imam and our mentor, Moulana Afzal Nadwi, was standing at the entrance of the Masjid. His hands folded and eyes fixated on the sky outside, lost in some deep thought. I felt that I was not alone in mourning the end of Ramzan and the great spiritual opportunities it brought.

As I was deep in thought,

Continue reading “The Night before Eid – Part 1 (at the Masjid)”

Hogwarts Diaries

01 – Professor Albus Dumbledore was so right…

azdamudi hogwarts diaries 01
Now that I contemplate, I couldn’t but feel foolish for doubting professor Dumbledore’s wisdom.


It was many years ago. I was leaning quietly on the wall near Harry’s bed while Professor Dumbledore talked to him. Hours ago, Harry had thwarted Voldemort and was now recovering in the hospital wing. Professor Dumbledore was telling his usual wisdom filled stuff and I was eyeing all those sweets Harry had got. The action was over and I was longing for a nice Paneer filled sandwich. However, Professor Dumbledore told Harry something which made me a little uncomfortable. Continue reading “01 – Professor Albus Dumbledore was so right…”

About AZ Damudi

About AZ Damudi


A young journalist and an enthusiastic writer, AZ Damudi is an aspiring novelist and film maker, hailing from India.

He is also a public speaker in Urdu and English.

Find out more on:

The Memory Lane

The Best Apology

the best apology

As soon as the clock struck 6 in the evening, he snapped his laptop shut and hurriedly jotted down the signing-out details at the security desk of his office “jaldi me ho saab?” the guard asked, he gave him a swift smile and nodded, pressing the lift’s button several times in his hurry. The lift came and he clambered inside.

As he had expected, the traffic was heavy at this time of the evening. This further escalated his sense of urgency.. Which had started from a feeling of guilt during the lunch break at his office. He had yelled at his wife that very morning.. It was the first time he had lost his temper since the last 6 months of their marriage… She had called him on his phone several times during the lunch break.. When he hadn’t received any call of her’s, she had left messages asking whether he had had lunch?… Even then he didn’t thought of calling her back.

While working, all of a sudden, Continue reading “The Best Apology”

The Memory Lane

The Difference

the difference

“I have always noticed this major difference between wise and clever people. Clever people always reply to their critics whenever they have a good point, They don’t stop themselves from retorting back when their retort has weight; The wise people, on the contrary, don’t reply to their critics all the time, even though they have brilliant counter-points, many a times they prefer silence. 

It clearly shows that its just not about having the best thing to say, but also knowing when to say it.”

The Memory Lane – From The Diaries of AZ Damudi